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2019 Season│

The earliest occupation phases identified by the BAPG excavations thus far date to the late 1st century AD. As a result, many questions about our area remain to be resolved. Was the street running through the centre of Settore S originally paved in basalt, as Grumentum's decumanus was? Were there multiple phases of the colonnade? Did the shoddy craftsmanship exhibited in the standing architecture of the 3rd and 4th centuries have a late Republican progenitor? And what about the pre-Roman period: can we identify evidence for native Lucanian activity in this area? Our goal in the coming seasons is begin to answer to some of these questions.

In 2019, we will continue to excavate soundings in the street and in the eastern shops, aiming to reach strata of the early Imperial period. We also plan to open a new sounding to the north of the main trench in an attempt to confirm that the street, colonnade and buildings continue northwards towards the far end of the forum.



When: 10 July—3 August, 2019

Lodging: Participants will be housed in a primary school situated in the centre of Grumento Nova, a town located about 5 kilometres from the excavations. Students sleep in male and female dorms. Showers, a kitchen and laundry facilities are present on the site, and a post office, pharmacy and ATM are located in close proximity. Sheets, pillows and pillowcases are not provided.

Food: Breakfast and dinner are served at the school, lunch is served on site. Please let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian or need to adhere to a special diet. There is also a small grocery (open on most days of the week) and a recently-opened pizza restaurant in Grumento Nova.

Weekends: We do not work on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Project participants are free to do what they like on both days; on most Sundays, however, trips to museums, archaeological sites and beaches in the region are organised (e.g. Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, Herakleia, Metapontum).

Cost: £1400/€1600/$1800 excluding airfare to/from Rome, food on weekends and admission to archaeological sites.

Deadline for expressions of interest: March 31, 2019

Further particulars regarding this season's schedule and lodging arrangements can be found here


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